Church of Scotland, Cadzow Parish Church, Hamilton.

Caring for others and the environment

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Christian Aid

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CHRISTIAN AID "We believe in life before death"


 Christian Aid's essential purpose is to expose the scandal of poverty

  • 3 billion people live in extreme poverty


  • 850 million people will go to bed hungry tonight
  • 10 million children will die this year before their 5th birthday

Against the odds:

  • Christian Aid supports poor communities to build secure lives free from hunger.
  • Christian Aid is working hard to respond to storms and other disasters, faster.
  • Christian Aid funds educational programmes to fight the stigma and slow the spread of HIV.


  • Christian Aid supports families torn apart by war.
  • In the face of trade policies that cost the developing world US$700billion a year, Christian Aid doggedly campaigns for change.

The extracts given above are from "Poverty is not a Number" copyright Christian Aid, June 2008.

At Cadzow we work tirelessly in Christian Aid Week to support the Christian Aid projects focussed each year at this time

In 2013 , as a congregation, we raised £2,537 by doing door to door collections and can collections. Many of the congregation are involved in one way or another  to support Christian Aid- whose work is dear to our hearts.